When You Should Get In Contact With a Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

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Almost every motorist will have some kind of accident in their lifetime on the road. Whether that is just a small ding as you misjudge how close a curb is, or a much more serious car-to-car collision. Whatever the case may be, knowing when you should involve a legal professional to help sort through this situation is something that many people simply do not quite know. It can be quite tricky, especially if you have no experience with legal professionals at all, but knowing your rights and when to defend them is vital for all motorists. here are a few indications that you should get in contact with a motor vehicle accident lawyer.


Whenever there is more than just property damage of some kind there is a pretty good chance you should be seeking an expert on motor vehicle accident law. Medical bills are expensive, and in some cases there could be quite serious charges laid relating to reckless driving. Even if that is not the case, you should at least touch base with a lawyer who specializes in this area to know what your responsibilities are. Minor consultations like that are not very expensive and they can provide a great insight into which direction you should take.

Law Enforcement Involvement

If a crash or collision is small enough as to not require police involvement, usually you can just sort it out with your insurance. However, if the crash is severe – and the car is damaged enough that it needs to be towed, you blocked traffic for a lengthy period of time, or maybe there are other factors at play like running a red light or your blood alcohol level – then you should contact a lawyer immediately. Criminal charges are much more serious than civil, and you need someone who knows this area to act on your behalf and guide you through this process.

Contributing Factors to Your Accident

If there were a few factors that contributed to your crash that no one is acknowledging, then you might need the backing of a legal professional to help get your point across more clearly. For example, if you could tell there was a mechanical issue with the car that caused you to lose full control but the insurance doesn't find that to be the case, then you need a motor vehicle accident lawyer. Maybe the streets weren't properly illuminated or there was no signage. If something led to your crash that others are not acknowledging, take some legal advice to see how you can overcome this. 

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