DUI Lawyers: How They Can Help

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Dealing with a DUI charge, also known as driving under the influence, can be a sudden blow to an individual who may not know what steps to take next. Regardless of the circumstances regarding the nature of the DUI, it is highly recommended to hire a DUI lawyer to help assist with the case from beginning to end. A lawyer specialized in this field will guide their clients through the legal process and provide clear communication regarding the case. Here is a brief look into how a DUI lawyer can help. 

Clarifying the Charges

When dealing with a DUI, clients will need to fully understand what the charges brought against them mean and how to move forward. While clients are able to represent themselves in most cases, hiring a DUI lawyer will greatly assist in the overall efficiency of the process. DUI lawyers will fully and clearly explain what the charges mean for their clients and will guarantee they understand the law. Since this is often an emotional time for the client, it is helpful to have the extra assistance of a trained professional who can provide an unbiased and realistic expectation regarding the specific charges brought against them. 

Formulating a Plan

Once the client has a solid understanding of the charges, a plan will be initiated by a DUI lawyer to move forward with the case. Depending on the severity of the charge and other factors that have weight in the proceedings, the case may or may not wind up in court. Many DUI cases are resolved without visiting a courtroom and charges can even be dropped if the DUI lawyer is successful in convincing the prosecution that their client is innocent. If the client is facing jail time, a DUI lawyer will thoroughly explain what the client can expect and formulate times in which they are able to meet in person or via virtual means in order to discuss the case. 

Representation in Court

If necessary, the DUI lawyer will gather all necessary evidence and information regarding their client and prepare to defend them in court. Lawyers will continually explain the progress of the case as the events proceed and will keep their clients up to date with any necessary information they may need to be aware of. In addition, the DUI lawyer will also give a guideline on how to properly address the judge and conduct themselves in court in a way that is both appropriate and respectful to the legal process. Clients should always feel heard regarding any concerns or questions they may have pertaining to the case and it is the job of the DUI lawyer to accommodate this in order to be the best representative possible. 

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