Hurt At Work? Signs You Need A Worker's Compensation Lawyer

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The best time to hire an attorney for your worker's compensation case is immediately after your injury. Hiring a lawyer right away helps to ensure that your worker's compensation claim is filed properly and advocated for in accordance with the law. However, many people who are injured on the job don't think to call an attorney because they assume that their worker's compensation claim will be simple. If you've filed a worker's compensation claim without the services of a lawyer, here are a few situations where you should reach out to one right away.

Your Employer Isn't Being Responsive With The Paperwork

If you were injured on the job and notified your employer, they have to provide you with the paperwork required to file your worker's compensation claim. In most cases, this should be processed within a matter of weeks if it's being handled correctly. Sometimes, employers will delay the paperwork in hopes that you recover quickly and decide not to pursue it. If your employer isn't being responsive about your claim or you feel as though your claim is being dismissed, reach out to a worker's compensation lawyer right away.

You Have A Pre-Existing Medical Condition

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you should reach out to a worker's compensation lawyer right away when you file your claim. Having a pre-existing medical condition gives the worker's compensation insurance company something else to shift the blame to in terms of the severity of your injuries or your inability to work. In most cases, the two aren't related, and you'll want to have an attorney on your side to argue this point and ensure that your case is reviewed fairly.

Your Claim Has Been Denied

If your employer or the worker's compensation insurance company denies your claim for any reason, you should reach out to a worker's compensation lawyer right away. Often, claims are denied because they don't believe that the injury happened at work, they don't believe that your injuries are as severe as you've claimed, or any number of other reasons. Remember that it's the worker's compensation insurance company's job to save your employer money, so denying a claim can reduce the payout liabilities.

When you retain the services of a worker's compensation lawyer, though, they can review the reasons for the denial and help you to file and argue an appeal. This may help you to get the settlement that you deserve for your injury, especially if you're unable to work.