What To Do If You Don't Like Your Offer In A Wrongful Death Case

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If you have recently filed a wrongful death case due to the loss of a loved one, then you might have had to wait a while to get a settlement offer. Now that you have finally received the settlement offer that you have been waiting for, you might be a bit disappointed by the offer that you have been given. Now, you might not know what to do. These are some of the steps that you can take if you don't like your offer in a wrongful death case.

Assess the Situation Realistically

It is easy to assume that you will get a large sum of money in a wrongful death case. After all, you have probably went through a devastating loss, and you might think that there is no amount of money that can begin to make up for what you have been through. However, it is important to assess the situation realistically. Unfortunately, the insurance company cannot begin to put a price on your relationship with and love for your lost loved one. Therefore, they have to use more objective ways of determining how much to offer you, such as how much income your family might have lost due to your loved one's passing. Because of this, you might want to look as objectively and realistically at the offer that you have been given before you assume that it's a bad offer rather than allowing your emotions to get out of control, even though this can be hard to do.

Gather Up More Evidence

If you think that you are owed a bigger settlement, then you should take the time to gather up more evidence. For example, if you feel as if you are not being offered reasonable compensation for the household income that you are losing because of a spouse's death, then you might want to provide more evidence of how much money they made while they were still alive.

Talk to Your Lawyer

It is a good idea to stay in constant contact with your attorney while you are handling your wrongful death case. Now that you have been given a settlement offer, you should take the time to talk to your wrongful death attorney about the situation. They can let you know whether or not your settlement offer is reasonable and can work with you to help you fight for a bigger settlement. 

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