These Steps Might Be Hard, But They Can Help You Win Custody

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Having to fight for custody of your child can be heartbreaking, frustrating, and emotionally challenging in so many ways. You love your child, and all you want to do is give them the best life — but demonstrating that to the court can be tough when it feels like you are being questioned at every turn. However, while you may not like the idea of having to prove yourself, there are a few hard steps you really should take because they may ultimately help you win your custody battle.

1. Work With The Child's Other Parent

You and your ex may have some bad blood between you, but now is not the time to argue. The court will want to see that you and your ex are able to cooperate for the good of your child. Be cooperative and work with your ex to parent, rather than working against them. This will show the judge that you are able to put your feelings aside for the good of your little one, suggesting that you'll continue to do the same if you are awarded custody. If your ex tries to start a fight, take the high ground — and take strength from knowing you are doing the right thing. Your ex's efforts to start trouble will reflect poorly on them to the court.

2. Schedule a Home Assessment

It's rare for the court to require a home evaluation unless there have been accusations of abuse or neglect. However, you can still request that the court assess your home. This gives the court's representatives a chance to see that your child really does have a safe, secure, friendly space to live. (Don't worry if your home is not totally spotless. The court does not care about a few dishes in the sink or a little dust on the shelves. They're looking for big issues, like a stocked fridge and a generally clean environment.) 

3. Tell Your Attorney Everything

Being honest with your attorney can be hard if there are some things in your past you're not proud of. However, it really is essential that you tell your lawyer everything. Remember that their job is not to judge. When they know the truth, they will be better able to defend you and argue your side if something unsavory does come up in court.

If you can get through these tough steps, you'll have a greater chance of actually winning your custody case.

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