Reasons Divorces Take So Long And How To Shorten The Time Frame

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On average, it takes approximately 10.7 months for a couple to get divorced; however, it can go much faster than this in some cases and it can take much longer than this in others. Divorce cases can even take years to finalize in some situations, and there are reasons for this. Here are the top three reasons why divorces take so long and some tips to help you shorten the time frame of your divorce.

Reason 1: Fighting

The first reason divorces can take so long is due to fighting between the two spouses. This is probably the biggest reason for delays in a divorce case. In a standard divorce, each spouse hires an attorney for representation. After that, each spouse tells their attorney what they want from the divorce, and the job of the attorneys is to negotiate for the couple. When a couple cannot agree on things and when neither one is willing to give in at all, the divorce can drag out for a very long time.

To prevent this in your divorce, you will both need to be willing and able to agree on things. This will require some give and take, but it will be worth it as it will help you get through the divorce a lot faster.

Reason 2: Finances

The second reason for this is due to financial issues and complications along the way. Financial issues, such as selling a house to divide the proceeds, or dividing a business fairly are the types of financial issues that also cause delays in divorce cases.

If you want to avoid these types of delays, settle the matter right away. Come up with a plan together of how you will split things and try to get the job done right away. The sooner you can agree on a plan, the faster it will be for your final divorce hearing.

Reason 3: Court and Attorney Delays

The third reason this occurs is due to delays with courts and with attorneys. You cannot control the delays of the court, but you can keep some pressure on your lawyer to keep the ball rolling so that you can get through this divorce faster.

If you do not want to drag your divorce on and on for months or years, you might be able to speed it up if you follow the tips listed here. To learn more, contact a divorce law attorney today.