What Victims Of Age Discrimination Need To Know

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Being the victim of age discrimination can have devastating effects on a person's life and well-being. In addition to the direct financial damages that can be incurred, individuals may also experience emotional trauma or hardship. To help those that have been victims of this discrimination, the law allows for legal action to be taken against the party responsible.

Will It Always Be Obvious That Age Discrimination Is Occurring?

Unfortunately, those that are perpetrating age discrimination will usually be aware that the law forbids this type of practice. This can lead them to take great care to try and hide their true intentions. As a result, it is important for older individuals to be aware of the warning signs of age discrimination. This can include older employees being fired, laid off, or otherwise dismissed. Additionally, older workers may simply be placed on extremely unpleasant duties in an effort to get them to quit. Due to the subtly of age discrimination, anyone that suspects that they have been a victim should reach out to an attorney. Not surprisingly, gathering the evidence to prove these cases can be complicated, but promptly seeking legal representation can help ensure that the correct steps are taken to preserve any relevant information to the case.

Can Age Discrimination Occur Outside The Workplace?

While individuals will usually think of the workplace when it concerns age discrimination, this can also apply to housing. There are some landlords and property owners that may not want to rent units to elderly individuals. This is not allowed, but seniors will often find themselves being forced from their rental properties. Not surprisingly, losing their home can be particularly hard on an older person, and it is essential for these victims to act aggressively to protect their rights and preserve their quality of life.

What If You Are Offered A Settlement For The Discrimination?

In many instances, the perpetrator of the age discrimination will make a settlement offer to the victim early in the process. This is typically the result of the defendant's insurance coverage. While it can be tempting to immediately take the age discrimination settlement, any offers should be thoroughly reviewed and weighed against the strength of your case. Often, age discrimination victims will find that this initial offer is far lower than the estimated damages or value of their case. By reviewing any of these offers with your age discrimination law attorney, it will be easier to effectively determine whether it is a good offer for you to accept.