When You Want A Lickity Quick Split

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Once you and your spouse make the divorce decision, you may just want to get it done and over quickly. If you are willing to travel, you may be able to get a quicker divorce, but the quickie divorces of the past are pretty much not available any more. If you are really motivated to split quickly and are willing to devote a few weeks of vacation time to it, you may be able to divorce relatively quickly, so read on for more information.

Divorce, Nevada Style

Not only can you be married in Nevada impulsively, you can also divorce there pretty quickly. There is nowhere else in the continental United States that offers a divorce in a matter of one week. There is, however, a caveat; you must reside in the state of Nevada for at least 6 weeks prior to the divorce. As you might expect, Nevada is happy to accommodate those wishing to divorce by offering up special long-term accommodations such as rentals, dude ranches and spa vacations for those who take this option.

Guam, a U.S Territory

Since Guam is considered a territory, all states will recognize a divorce granted here, something that could present a problem for some foreign divorces. The process in Guam is shorter than that of Nevada, albeit you must travel farther. One of you must reside in Guam for only 7 days and the divorce process takes about 24 hours from start to finish. It has be an uncontested divorce, however, as most of these quickie divorces must be.

The Dominican Republic

If you just don't have the time to stay that long in another place, the Dominican Republic will divorce you in less than 24 hours with no need for a stay to establish residency. Before you buy that plane ticket, check with a family law attorney in your state to make sure that the divorce is recognized there, since not all states do so.

Just Stay Home

If you qualify, you may be able to get a surprisingly quick and easy divorce right here in the states. Most states offer a version of a simplified or summary divorce that lessens the usual divorce process by several weeks and will save you money as well. Qualifying for one of these types of quick U.S. divorces usually mean that you:

Speak to a divorce attorney to learn more about the quick options available to divorce quickly in your locale.