When To Hire A Workers Compensation Lawyer

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If you have been inured at work, then you may be entitled to workers compensation. This is especially true if your employer was at fault. However, no matter the reason for being injured at work, you may qualify for workers compensation. Most of the time you can represent yourself, but as soon things get complicated, you should consult a workers compensation lawyer. There are many problems that a workers compensation lawyer can help you work through. Here are a few different reasons to hire a lawyer, and what you can expect when you first meet with a lawyer.

Denied Claim

If your employer has denied your claim, then it is time to contact a lawyer. Unfortunately workers compensation claims are rejected very often. The reason that employers deny these claims is because most of the time, many works will not appeal the rejection. This is a big mistake because you truly could be eligible and entitled to compensation. Hiring a workers compensation attorney usually will not cost you anything upfront and will give you the very best chance of getting the compensation that you need. So, there is truly no reason not to at least have a consultation with a workers compensation lawyer.

Not Enough

There is a very good chance that your employer will give you a settlement that will not be sufficient to cover all of your medical bills and your lost wages. If you are not able to cover all of your bills, then you need more help. The workers compensation judge may not decide to give you enough, but you can have a lawyer represent your needs and your rights. Having a lawyer represent you and your needs is the best way to increase your chances of a rightful and just compensation package from your employer.

What To Expect

Meeting with your attorney is going to be very important. You will be able to outline how you were injured. Make sure you tell your attorney if you had any preexisting injuries. Often, the opposing lawyer will try to point to a preexisting injury as grounds not to give you the compensation. Your lawyer is also going to ensure that all paperwork is taken care of on time. Perhaps the most important thing that the workers compensation lawyer will do for you is compile all the medical evidence in your favor and prove that you truly do need the compensation. Contact a company like Rizzi Law Group to learn more.