When You Fall And Get Injured: Knowing Your Rights When You Get Hurt On Someone Else's Property

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When a slip and fall accident causes you to get injured, your first step is to seek medical treatment. If the injuries are severe, you may need to call for emergency help from the authorities. You'll want to make sure that the accident is well documented, even if you aren't able to document the scene yourself. There should be plenty of pictures taken and the reason for your slip and fall will need to be identified. If you fell because of a neglected staircase, or there was ice in an area that should have been treated, pictures will identify the problem before it can be repaired by the property owner.

Get the Medical Treatment You Need

When you fall hard, you may not always feel that you need to seek medical treatment right away. This is generally a mistake, as going for treatment will establish a baseline for your injuries. Even if you don't feel sore, it's important that you get checked out when you take a serious fall. You may have injuries that a medical provider will be able to identify through an exam that will cause you problems in the near future.

Establish Who Was Negligent for Your Fall

If you were running around carelessly and you tripped over your own two feet, you are the person negligent for your injuries. On the other hand, if you trying to enter a building and you fell on a patch of ice that wasn't treated, the building owner is negligent and responsible for your fall. You may even be partially at fault for your injuries, but you can still seek compensation as long as you were less than 50% at fault.

You Have the Right to Receive Compensation for Your Injuries

Once negligence is established, you have the right to receive compensation for your injuries. The severity of your injuries and the length your injuries are expected to last will both factor in to how much compensation you receive. You can discuss your case with a slip and fall accident lawyer to determine what you might expect as a financial outcome for your case. In general, the worse you are hurt, the more money you will receive.

As a person injured because of the negligence of another person, you are also entitled to receive quality medical care that you don't have to pay for. If you have been hurt, it's time to call an attorney who can help you win your case. Go to sites of local attorneys for more direction.