Registering An Out-Of-Province Vehicle In Ontario? Here's What You Need To Know

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For many Ontario residents, the search for a new car often takes them outside of the province. Of the 21 million vehicles purchased in Canada each year, thousands are purchased by Ontario residents from dealerships and private sellers located outside of the province.

The following offers a brief outline of the registration process for those who wish to purchase their vehicles from outside the province or, in many cases, outside of the country.

General Registration Requirements

There's not much difference in registering a vehicle that came from outside Ontario, save for a few extra steps and additional taxes. As with any other vehicle purchased within Ontario, you'll need to click for more information and bring the following in order to complete the registration process:

If the vehicle already has a license plate, then you'll also need the plate portion of the vehicle permit. To get a valid registration sticker for your license plate, you'll also need to have a Safety Standards Certificate for your vehicle.

Your vehicle will also have to pass Ontario's vehicle emissions test. All vehicles, including trucks, motorhomes and buses, must pass this test before they can be legally registered for use on Ontario roads. Testing frequency usually depends on the vehicle's age:

If you purchased a vehicle from dealership, most dealers will help you complete the registration process for your new vehicle. The cost of the license plate, as well as any taxes and fees are usually included as part of your monthly lease or financing payments.

Don't forget that you have to complete the vehicle registration process within a 6-day period at an authorized registration center, unless it's being handled through the dealership.

Additional Requirements

In addition to the above registration requirements, your vehicle may be subject to additional taxes if it was purchased outside of the province. For instance, the majority of vehicles purchased outside of Ontario through private sellers are usually subject to a 13-percent retail sales tax (RST) or harmonized sales tax (HST).

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid the retail sales tax. If you're moving to Ontario from outside the province, you may be eligible for an exemption from paying RST or HST as a new resident. It's a good idea to speak to an official in order to find out the details about a possible exemption.

What if Your Vehicle Came from Outside Canada?

The search for a new card can even take you outside of the country. Each year, thousands of Canadians import used vehicles from all over the globe, including Europe, Asia and Australia. These vehicles are usually subject to a unique set of requirements to ensure both motor vehicle safety as well as compliance with other Canadian rules and regulations governing registered vehicles.

Buying a vehicle from outside the country adds a couple of important steps to the vehicle registration process:

As with any other vehicle, you need to provide proof of identity as well as your driver's license number when registering your vehicle.